Brownfield Ag News Programming

Agri-Business News
Brownfield offers two state-specific agribusiness news programs daily. The Morning Agri-Business program contains news and features pertaining to farmers and agri-business in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. In addition to news and features relevant to farmers and agribusiness in these states, our Mid-day Agri-Business program contains a state agricultural weather forecast and a review of cash livestock markets in the state. 4 min, Mon-Fri at 6:25am

Indiana Report
Brownfield offers state agriculture headlines for Indiana. 2 min., Mon-Fri 6:55am

A snapshot of prices and factors driving the market, from weather to government reports to cash movement and international news. 1 min, Mon-Fri 11:55am

Commodity Settlement
Final prices on the futures exchanges; a review of factors affecting trading; first word on government production, livestock and supply/demand reports; and major farm news of the day. Includes reports from market analysts. 4 min, Mon-Fri 3:45pm

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